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Nomonde Creche

Nomonde Creche

NOMONDE the school consists of 56 learners, 3 teachers, 1 chef, 3 classrooms,2 toilets and a storeroom. The creche offers EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS that helps the grow of these minors., even though they’ve got a lack of toys for a play room, a play area, balls for any games that they want the kids go take part in, hoola's or a playground that they can play on.

These lacks have an impact on many of our kids and parents that really want to send their kids to school. Security is also a huge problem and it hinders growth within our community.

There is still a lot to be done to the structure and safety concerning the crèche. Safety policies need to be put in place in order for the crèche to function fully. This does not prohibit them from learning a third language like ISIXHOSA.

Rassouw Recycling


The love for recycling started in the year 1986 for Rendal Rassouw, where he worked at the Andries office in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg. He started a small business with an unemployed worker and it is still in existence called CHÈ CHÈ RECYCLING. He has a saying that says: “RECYCLING IS NOT ONLY MY PASSION….BUT ALSO MY HOBBY THAT I LIVE BY”. After doing a lot of research Randall in 1994, realised that 80% of RECYCLING material go to waste on dumping sites.

On this venture the guests will explore the importance of recycling, why Rendal do what he loves every day. He will take you through the whole process of this and he currently only recycles 2% of Oudtshoorn’s waste and this is an under achievement for him that is why HE WORKS EVERYDAY TO BETTER HIS PASSION TO TURN IT INTO 1 OF THE GREATEST RECYCLING PROJECTS IN THE WHOLE OF OUDTSHOORN.

Aurial College

Aurial College

Aurial college BELIEFS in grooming our future leaders, by making sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comment about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, will not be tolerated.

The school has a broad history not only in EDUCATION but is 1 of the schools that actually have the German language as a subject.

Previously the school was known for its exchange students, whereby 3 of the best learners together with mr C Swiegelaar would go to DEUTCHLAND and see how they do things there when it comes to their way of living and also their way of studying.

So with this said the tourist will get a chance to meet student and interact with them on an educational level where they will be able to see how diligent and hardworking these kids are.

Suikerbuilt Onverwacht


In 1968 all residents of Suikerbult (Onverwacht) were forcibly removed to a newly developed township called Bridgeton, situated across the road from Suikerbult. By the time the forced removal took place,very few if any were employed full time.

Municipal health officials advised them they would have to move because the soil on which they lived was sour or perhaps(brak of suur) and extremely unhealthy. They were also told that if they moved it would be temporary arrangement. A contractor was paid R420 to flatten the premises and remove the rubble..

There were +-14 households on the west living settlement and +-50 on the eastern. Out of all the people that were living on Suikerbult (Onverwacht) forty three households were not accommodated into the municipal residential scheme and “had to make their own way" and core group of Suikerbult residents stated very simply” Our parents and grandparent have always lived here".

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