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About RJ Tours

Roydin John Engelbrecht is responsible for every aspect of your experience with RJ Tours is pleasing. He has been a guide for 7 years and worked at a Game lodge and wildelife ranger.

RJ Tours was established in 2019 but it all started when he was just 13 years old and saw a group of tourists in his area. This is where the hunger that burned inside of him pushed him to think about starting his own business. RJ tours is located in the Oudtshoorn area and tourists will get the opportunity to meet the locals (local creche, recycling project, local community, furture leaders) and interact with them.

He is passionate about getting to share his experience and everything Oudtshoorn has to offer ,and is quite excited to leave a footprint. His main objective in his business plan is to introduce tourists to a whole new side of Oudtshoorn area, and with RJ Tours he would really like to do that. The slogan of his business says "RJ.Tours -Oudsthoorn Flo...let's Go!!! Giving tourists a chance to see Oudtshoorn in a whole different way, but also learn and educate the forthcoming generation.

Tourists will feel safe, learn about other cultures, feel part of the community, professional guide, punctuality.

365 days of beautiful weather in the Oudsthoorn area.

Nomonde Creche
Aurial College
Recycling Center

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